Export Stories Podcast

C.J. Pinajian: Adventures of an Ocean Shipping Sales Pro

Episode Summary

Join us for the 4th episode of Export Stories with our guest, C.J. Pinajian. It was so much fun chatting with C.J., who I have known for many years since we both worked in sales for United States Lines in the 1980’s.

Episode Notes

During his career, C.J. has held senior management positions and represented large, global ocean shipping companies, directly and through agents, including U.S. Lines, Hapag Lloyd, Senator Lines, and United Arab Shipping Company. Today he serves as Senior Partner of Intermodal Cargo Management.

C.J. has an amazing historical perspective of the ocean shipping business from the dynamic 1980’s to today in its present form.

You are going to hear some great stories about how he has known some of the great ‘movers and shakers’ in the ocean shipping industry; and how C.J. was able to open up the Middle East and other markets for a variety of high volume products.

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