Export Stories Podcast

Bill Courtney: Entrepreneur, Hardwood Exporter, Author, and Oh Yeah, Was Part of An Oscar Winning Documentary

Episode Summary

I am so excited to present the 6th episode of Export Stories with my guest, Bill Courtney. Bill is one of the leading hardwood exporters in the U.S. and, also, a wonderful storyteller, particularly as it relates to his experiences doing business from one end of the planet to another.

Episode Notes

Listening to Bill talk about how he started up his export business is like a mini-master class in how commodity exporting works. We had a great, and sometimes provocative conversation about current markets, which I happily encouraged. For example, issues affecting trade between the U.S. and China hold a position that is front and center in today’s news and affect all of us. It was a natural subject for Bill and I to discuss.

Once you hear the podcast, you will understand why Bill has become a popular inspirational speaker. We touched upon his involvement in the film Undefeated because it was a film that spoke to me.

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