Export Stories Podcast

Reliving History with Susan Gibbs, President of the SS United States Conservancy

Episode Summary

Welcome to another episode of Export Stories Podcast for 2021. I’m giddy with excitement to share this episode with you. Hear one great story after another.

Episode Notes

We get to go back in history to a time when the SS United States, the great passenger liner and America’s Flagship, was the fastest ship in the world.  And to share her stories, I am honored to speak with Susan L. Gibbs, the SS United States Conservancy’s President and co-founder.  She is, also, the granddaughter of William Francis Gibbs, the designer of the SS United States.


With regard to the future of this amazing vessel, the SS United States Conservancy is a national nonprofit organization that is leading the global effort to save and repurpose the SS United States.