Export Stories Podcast

The Desai Brothers and RM Metals: Managing Metal Markets Today

Episode Summary

Halleluiah, we’re back! And so happy to have you join us for the 13th episode of Export Stories Podcast. It took a little time for us to regroup, but we have a great discussion for you today. Brothers Sam Desai and Chait Desai took some time out of their very busy schedules to speak about their metals trading business.

Episode Notes

RM Metals, a family business that has been around since 1986, specializes in exports of stainless steel and metal scrap all over the world. Sam and Chait describe a tumultuous time for trading these essential commodities. 

As they work with markets all over the globe, you can imagine the colorful stories they were able to share with us. We’d love to get a conversation going about this episode or even more general discussions about exporting. 

This is an important time for the export community to share what is happening in their sectors and how each of us is dealing with one of the most consequential health and economic events of our lifetime. 

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