Export Stories Podcast

How USGLC Looks Out for the U.S. Economy and U.S. Security on a Global Scale

Episode Summary

You may ask yourselves, “Who is out there advocating for U.S. foreign aid and development because it promotes peace, stability, alliances, and U.S. business interests?” The answer is simple. It is a U.S. non-partisan organization called USGLC.

Episode Notes

USGLC brings together more than 500 businesses and non-profits from across the country.  Their advisory council is made up of distinguished leaders including former Cabinet officials, members of Congress, and every living Secretary of State.

To delve into what USGLC is all about, we are very fortunate to have as our guests Jeremy Tolbert, Deputy National Outreach Director for the Eastern Region, and Dr. John Glenn, Policy Director.

Thank you for listening.